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Your market exists, but it doesn’t yet know your enterprise? You have a good idea and you’re planning a project, but you don’t know exactly how to get started?
You’re clear about your marketing idea, PR strategy and distribution concept, but you need support in order to implement them?

If you answered any of these questions with a “yes,” then it’s very likely that this is the right place, that these pages will interest you, and that we’re the right partner for you. We can coordinate your projects, assemble capable teams to implement them, and oversee the steering and realization tasks.

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Entrepreneur within the Enterprise?

ARTZ-CONSULTING is an independent consulting company and a provider of services for marketing, sales, and business communication.

But we’re more than merely consultants. We regard ourselves as “an entrepreneur within the enterprise” because we pitch in and personally help to implement and realize your projects.

With our diverse experiences as piloting executives for national and international enterprises in the information technology field, we supported small and mid-sized businesses, startups, and the business units of global concerns.
What Can We Do For You?

As an external consultant and service provider, we plan the concept, budget and implementation, as well as the realization of individual concepts and projects. We also offer ongoing support for your enterprise’s marketing and communications activities.

Your Benefits

You exploit your enterprise’s potentials and market opportunities while simultaneously maintaining complete control over the costs of growth. You purchase additional know-how only when you really need it. That keeps you flexible. And your variable expenses remain precisely calculable and within temporal limits.
Satisfied Customers – Our References

Multitest - Marketing-Communication

BlueRoads Corp - Representative in Germany

Guardeonic Solutions AG - Business Development

Osirys GmbH - Marketing and PR Consulting

Start Amadeus GmbH - Marketing & Communikation Consulting

Wallstreet AG - Marketing and Distribution Support

Your Benefits – Our Network

Comprehensive projects require professional coordination and competent handling of each and every task.

Whenever necessary, ARTZ CONSULTING relies on a network of experienced specialists including advertising agencies, trade fair construction firms, copywriters, graphic artists, telemarketing agencies, press agencies, and community consultants.

This ensures that expenses always remain precisely calculable while enabling us to deliver top-quality results and to achieve our goals on schedule.
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